Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bush's law firm, back in action

Why does Bush continue to stand by Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank? Because the embattled leader has the same law firm that represented Bush in the contested 2000 Florida elections. And two of the members of the firm are Ted Olsen and Eugene Scalia. Olsen, we know about. Scalia happens to be the son of Antonin Scalia, who refused to recuse himself in the Supreme Court case even though federal law required him to. Had he done so, the result would have been 4-4 which would have affirmed the appeals court -- and Al Gore Jr. would have been President.

Olsen, it should be pointed out, was given the Solicitor General's job, the top prosecutor in the States, as his reward. (As a sidenote, his then wife was killed in the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon.)

Why is it that with twenty months left in office that particular case continues to haunt us? Whatever happened to Dubya's promise about restoring honour and dignity?

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