Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Zoellick replaces Wolfowitz

Dubya has announced his choice for the next head of the World Bank -- Robert Zoellick, current a top official at Goldman Sachs. While there really should be someone from the Third World running the agency and not yet another American, I think Zoellick is a somewhat palatable choice. He knows his way around Washington having served in a number of posts under Reagan and both Bushes as well as a key job at the Naval Academy during the Clinton years. He was also way ahead of Team Dubya on seeing the genocide in Darfur for what it was. And while he is a free trader, he is much more pragmatic than most neo-conservatives.

The IBRD is a huge mess right now and needs someone to clean it up big time. I wish Zoellick the best of luck but I think that no matter what his integrity he may prove to be as hapless as Bob McNamara and pretty much everyone who followed him in the twenty-five years since.

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