Monday, May 21, 2007

Shakeup at Miracle Channel

Details are still sketchy, but it was reported late yesterday that Dick and Joan Dewert have resigned their management positions at the Miracle Channel out of Lethbridge, Alberta. (CJIL is available in Alberta either over-the-air or on basic cable and in the rest of the country on digital cable and satellite.)

I have griped about the Miracle Channel on a number of occasions, in particular to their almost slavish devotion to the heresy called the Word of Faith -- something which nearly enslaved me during the 1980s. I will not be celebrating, however. One, it's not the Christian thing to do; and we have no idea at this time whether it's because of personal issues or because the CRTC is about to issue a ruling (not just a "determination") against the station.

Two, we don't know if there are going to be any material changes in theology under the new ownership of the channel and its in-house church, Dominion Gateway -- the new pastors are pegged to be Wayne and Rose Boersma from Brooks, Alberta; whilst the new directors of the channel are likely to be Ray and Donna Block. Frankly I suspect not.

My main source on this is the watchdog site run by longtime critic of the channel, Tim Thibault of Humbolt SK -- although the article was written by someone who may be a church insider.

It's worth pointing out that on several occasions the channel all but endorsed Stephen Harper, saying that no district in Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal voted for a Conservative in the last election because the Miracle Channel isn't available on basic cable in those cities. I think even evangelicals in the Big Three (and there are many more living in those cities than the Exempt Media would have us believe) would be insulted by that assertion. We Christians all -- including myself as a Catholic -- can read the Bible for ourselves without someone interpreting it for us; and use that as well as all the pertinent information we can get to cast an informed vote.

UPDATE (12:20 PM EDT, 1620 GMT): I have learned some more information about what the truth might be all about. It's not pretty ... but for now that's all I can say about it.

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Tanis said...

The news has made me sad. I just started watching the channel this past year, and really enjoyed it. I have been wondering why the Dewarts haven't been on air for the last couple of months. They said they were going on a 40 day fast. I was looking forward to hearing about their experience on the fast.
Then this news. I really wish I knew what happen. It boggles my mind. Not only is it a major blow to people who support and watch the station, Dick gave up his income, and all that he has dedicated his life to for that past 15 years.
His wife has to figure out how to forgive. It would be hard to forgive an affair, but to also have to forgive because the guy publicly humiliated her, and destroyed what she was working towards.
They've only done ministry. Now what are they going to do? It will be hard to pick up the pieces. I'm mad at Dick. I feel for Joan. I have always looked up to her. And I still do.