Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dewert had woman on the side

I don't know whether to call this news pathetic or just sad, but as I noted yesterday Dick and Joan Dewert have resigned their posts at CJIL. I mentioned at that time I had some inside information regarding this management shift but withheld discussing it until it was confirmed. Even before I got the tip, though, it was what I mostly suspected: Mr. Dewert has admitted an affair with another woman. (Text of the press release is here.)

By no means is this a death blow to the evangelical movement in Canada -- not by a long shot.

But having watched the channel for a number of years (I get it as part of my satellite service) and despite my gripes about the Miracle Channel, Dewert at first glance seemed like the last person who would go down the wayward path. Dewert was one of the leaders of the "get out the vote" drive that was partly key to the success of the Reform Party, later the Canadian Alliance and now the self-styled "Conservative" Party of Canada. He was also one of the most strident voices against gay marriage -- one of the very few issues I actually agree with him on.

That and his pronouncements on other moral issues, however, is simply no excuse for adultery. It's not a criminal offence (hasn't been for decades in Canada) but it does go against the basic set of family values that most Canadians -- from conservative to progressive to socialist -- share in common. And it may be a double standard but it's a lot easier in the public realm to forgive someone from the Second Estate -- say, Bill Clinton -- for that particular transgression than it is for someone from the First.

For when a public servant cheats, he or she can merely be rebuked. When a servant of God fails his or her Master, it strikes against people's faith. If such and such a preacher cannot be trusted, it brings the entire ministry and from all denominations into disrepute.

The channel has offered counselling for Dick and Joan and they have accepted it. I pray with sincerity that they find a way of repairing the breach. I am not a man of ill will. I believe in the sanctity of marriage and if they can make it through there may be hope for all.

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Howie's Ramblings said...

Sad to see this happen however, I doubt much will change at Miracle Channel overall because the root of the problem remains.The front man - Block will quickly see he will be told what to say, when to say it, what to believe and what not to believe, and in short, be the "voice" behind the masters who run this family business. It will be interesting to see how long he lasts.