Friday, February 22, 2008

Debate is not disloyalty, General

You may be tempted to find solace in the diversity of opinion that is American democracy. You should resist any such temptation. Diversity ought not to be confused with division. Nor should you underestimate, as others have before you,
America's will.

That wasn't some nobody. That was the elder George Bush in a letter to Saddam Hussein, days before the First Gulf War. He knew whereof he was speaking. In fact, although there was widespread opposition to the war in America, Bush 41 actually saw democratic debate as a plus and not an impediment to the then task at hand; namely, evicting Iraq out of Kuwait.

Now, Canada's Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Rick Hillier, would have us believe that a protracted and divisive debate would give ammunition to the Taliban. That's the same kind of BS Karl Rove and Co. used to drum up support for Gulf War II.

Debate is not disloyalty. Trashing out differences and coming up with a general consensus or at least hearing out the other side is entirely the point. The Taliban and other Muslim extremists want it their way -- period. No debate, no discussion. I'm not sure if the soldiers, sailors and airmen of our Armed Services would appreciate being told they're fighting to eliminate free speech and thought. That's not what the Greatest Generation fought for in WWII -- they fought for the right to speak out.

Hillier should just shut his yap and let the politicians make the decisions; then give the orders to him. Not the other way around. The military is under civilian control and not military for a reason. If he wants to eliminate freedom of speech, he should spend his time looking for the Spear of Destiny -- not whine that Canada actually has a Parliament. Last time anyone heard of it, it was allegedly in the possession of Mr. Moustache who murdered 6 million Jews.

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The Mound of Sound said...

Hillier exposes his own lack of patriotism in putting the genuine patriotism of others into disrepute for questioning his own flawed (bungled) careerism. The guy is a verbal bully and nearly the very worst any nation can suffer in its military leadership.