Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top Eleven Reasons why Dion should force an election

Harper has given the Liberals the following reasons why the time to move is now:

11. Banning access by bureaucrats to progressive websites -- mine included -- even during their off time.
10. An Accountability Act that actually created some new issues that surpass the problems the law was designed to eliminate.
9. Screwing around with the Wheat Board -- one of the most successful cooperatives on the planet.
8. Cancelling universal day care. Harper won't even consider a means-tested regime.
7. Permanently damaging the Child Tax Benefit program with the so-called "child care" benefit which is taxable and reduces eligibility for other entitlements such as the GST Credit and the Guaranteed Income Supplement.
6. Favouring seniors with private pensions over those who don't.
5. Holding cabinet meetings in secret locations.
4. Muzzling committee chairmen.
3. An irresponsible GST cut. An across the board income tax cut would have made way more sense and have been revenue neutral.
2. Questioning the patriotism of those who disagree with Harper [read: Afghanistan].
1. Two words: Chalk River.

All these have happened with a minority government. We can't afford a Conservative majority.

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Tootrusting said...

2.5 million angry income trust investors, many of whom show no sign of forgiving and forgetting.