Monday, February 11, 2008

Huckabee shafted?

Earlier today, I was very critical of Mike Huckabee and his association with Ken Copeland; and I stand by that. However, and with absolutely no relation to that issue, Huckabee is absolute right to raise a stink about the way the votes have been counted in the Washington State caucuses. Josh Marshall, no friend of Huckabee by any stretch, covers the points in this entry at TPM.

Keep in mind, this is a state where Republicans tend to be more liberal than average. That's no excuse to stop counting the ballots and declare John McCain the winner after only 87% of the returns and with a 1.8% gap between him and Huckabee.

This wouldn't be the first time the apples in Washington were rotten. Christine Gregoire, the state's Democratic governor, won with less than 6000 votes a couple of years ago and also under very suspect ballot counting procedures as well.

It's bad enough not to have a recount like in Florida in 2000. To not even count all the ballots and just presume McCain won is outrageous. Count the ballots -- all of them -- and let the people's voice be heard.

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Red Tory said...

I'd take issue with the contention that Republicans tend to be more liberal in Washington State. It very much depends on what part of the state you happen to be in. East of the Rockies this most certainly isn't true.

Red Tory said...

Correction. I should have said east of the Cascades.