Monday, April 21, 2008

Final PA Polls

Some more poll results this morning, one day before the Keystone State votes:

Rasmussen: Clinton 49, Obama 44
Strategic Vision: Clinton 48, Obama 41
PPP: Obama 49, Clinton 46
ARG: Clinton 52, Obama 41
Quinnipiac: Clinton 51, Obama 44%
Suffolk: Clinton 52, Obama 42

And, as some of you noted in my comments box last night:

Zogby: Clinton 48, Obama 42

On a raw average poll of polls, we're looking at Clinton 49.4%, Obama 43.3%.

Interesting note about the Rasmussen poll is that three percent of those who gave a response said they could change their minds, which still leaves room for an Obama win. Having looked at some of the breakdowns, I think now that the best hope for Obama to pull off an upset is a huge GOTV operation in the Southeastern part of the state; namely Philly and the burbs.

Meanwhile: Michael Moore endorses Barack Obama.

Yeah, like that's going to help much! It's not like people in Pennsylvania are going to listen to an outsider, let along home grown natives like Bill Cosby or Lee Iacocca.

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