Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You thought Ken Copeland was nuts ...

Well, the fun never ends at The Miracle Channel (CJIL-TV). Here's a review of a recent fundraiser for the station (February 2008) from one of the writers at Miracle Channel Review, the website dedicated to exposing the heterodox beliefs of the station. Some of the whoppers reviewed:
  1. The "wild ox blessing." ($921, later "discounted" to $296)
  2. "God of promotion blessing." ($480)
  3. And my personal favourite, the "Drunken Warrior Blessing." ($837)

The timing of that last one (as explained in the article) couldn't have been worse, but the brain trust in Lethbridge probably couldn't have cared less -- and when someone complained, the announcers made the complainant look bad.

And these are Christians? No wonder Harper swept the board in Alberta in 2006 -- with support from people like these ... well, you can fill in the rest yourself.

Set aside the fact the station is violating its own guidelines that it imposed on itself, supposedly to get the CRTC off its back for a while. Thank God that when new TV frequencies opened up in Edmonton and Calgary, they went to Crossroads and not TMC -- true, CTS does promote the "Word of Faith" but they're not in your face the way the Dominionists are; and they have shows worth watching (both family values programs as well as panel shows that make people think about the issues rather than follow a prescribed line).

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