Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A little less conversation, a little more action

We tend to be a bit prudish on this side of the pond when it comes to sex on network TV, although here in Canada we're much more relaxed than Americans are with a much earlier watershed hour (9 pm Eastern as opposed to 11 pm). We seemed to be quite pleased, even smug, about characters such as those on The Tudors having full blown sex on prime time network TV. And yes, it's on network TV in Canada -- you only get that on cable in the US. Suckers!

But there's a huge row in Wales over a network TV show (broadcast in Welsh) about a sex scene shown recently. It wasn't the sex itself -- that's been par for the course in the whole of the UK.

Nope ... it's where it was filmed. In a baby changing room at the Welsh National Assembly.

This has left officials at the legislature with a lot of explaining to do, and demanding answers. The building has been used quite frequently as a set, with permission, so no one seemed to flag the problem. Apparently they were told by the filmmakers the W.C. was needed for a "conversation scene."

Lighten up, guys. It's not like hanky panky isn't going on in some of the stalls for real over there as well as every other debating house on the planet!

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