Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two more reasons

A couple of items I wanted to talk about tonight ... both relate to the pattern of cynicism being engendered by "Canada's New Government ™."

The first is how Diane Finley blew off her own constituents -- more than 1500 tobacco farmers in her district -- because of alleged "security concerns" regarding the pending ban of foreign exotic dancers getting work permits. Even more remarkable is the statement she sent out to be read at the meeting:

As your Member of Parliament, even though we're not there yet, you still remain my number one priority, I and area MPs are doing everything in our power try to help you. [...]

Just so there are no surprises, should tobacco farmers initiate a lawsuit against the Federal Government, everything we are working on stops. Plain and simple. While I recognize, respect and understand your public right to protest in a peacefully, organized civil manner, negative messaging has made it increasingly difficult and challenging for me to obtain help for you. We've come close a few times and have been set back due to things like this and other various issues.

Can you believe the gall of that woman?

This from a woman who refuses to help the farmers get a potential new customer who has wanted to buy Ontario tobacco for its factory for years but has been consistently rebuffed -- Six Nations. Yes, THAT Six Nations. Its products are best sellers in Europe, in many parts of the United States and even on reserves in Canada. But it's not allowed to buy ONTARIO tobacco and Finley refuses to lift a finger to lift the obstacles that would potentially save the industry. Let alone proposed buyout packages that are still held up in limbo.

Hmmmm. Also today, the House of Commons voted their confidence in their arms length agency, Elections Canada. Voting against the motion -- the Conservatives. The vote was 152-117.

Double hmmmmm.

If Stephen Harper refuses to recognize the legitimacy of an agency created by an Act of Parliament, then he has forfeited his right to be Prime Minister. In fact, so has the whole Conservative Party; and the Chief Electoral Officer should decertify the party forthwith.

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