Monday, October 27, 2008

"Am I truly more pathetic than Charles Nelson Reilly?"

That was a classic line from a 1991 episode of "Married with Children" uttered by no less than Jerry "The Beaver" Mathers. Al Gore must have wondered that in 2000 when he lost his home state of Tennessee by a wide margin -- had he won there, the Florida scandal would have been moot.

Now, horror of horrors, Barack Obama is closing the gap in John McCain's home state of Arizona. The right-wing Rasmussen poll has McCain leading 51-46, ±4.5%; just five points and within the margin of error. Just four weeks ago, the last time Raz measured the state, McCain was ahead 59-38, or 21 points. Narrowing the lead by 16 is truly remarkable especially against the incumbent party's candidate. At that rate, next Tuesday could be a horserace in that state.

I highly doubt McCain would lose his turf; but even if he wins Arizona by a narrow margin he may have to see it as a vote of non-confidence and he'd have to wonder if he has a future in the Senate.

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