Monday, October 13, 2008

The choice 2008

I don't know how clearer it can be. From Day One as Prime Minister, Steve Harper has run his government as a one man show and has flip-flopped on several policy planks. He was against floor crossing, before he was for it. He was for Senate reform before he was against it (appointing hacks to the Upper Chamber). He supports greater representation for British Columbia and Alberta but not for Ontario (on a proportionate basis). He was for income trusts before he was against them.

His foreign policy has become a carbon copy (almost) of the Americans' under Bush. He alienated many by not supporting the cause of the Palestinians and supporting an Israeli bombing of Lebanon that even many Israelis now say wasn't worth it.

He meets with his provincial colleagues only when he deems fit and then only on twenty-four hours notice.

And those sweaters. Like that is going to impress anyone.

His opponents may be even less polished, but beneath the grubby exteriors are actual substance. So it comes down to this: If you feel you're better off now than you were in the winter of 2006, vote for Harper. If you're not (and after the market girations over the last five weeks it's probably not anyway), vote him out. At this point, it doesn't matter much if it's a Liberal or someone else -- but vote for the man or woman who you think has the best chance of beating a Conservative in your district.

Whatever the results may be tomorrow I will of course accept them -- but I would be happier if by the end of the night Harper's fate is essentially sealed. Every vote really does count so vote. It only takes a few minutes of your time and it's your country's future at stake.

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