Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rove calls it for -- Obama!

Who would have believed this? For months and months, Karl "The Weasel" Rove has said that it's John McCain, McCain, McCain. Now all of a sudden Bush's Brain has finally admitted that the momentum has swung Barack Obama's way. While he insists the race is still up in the air, if the election was held today, Obama would keep all the Kerry states plus pick up New Mexico (5), Iowa (7) and Colorado (9), giving the Senator from Illinois the win, 273-265.

More ominous, Chuck Todd on NBC's Meet the Press indicated that Obama needs just one swing state now (other than Nevada or New Hampshire) to win it all. If Nevada swung Obama's way and the rest go McCain, a 269 tie is possible, sending it to the House of Representatives. Since Democrats now control a majority of states in the lower chamber, Advantage Obama.

Incredibly, states that would have been dead zones for the donkey just four years ago are very much in play this time around. Besides the above named states, there's Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina. Pennsylvania, too close to call just weeks ago, has now pulled ahead for Obama. One friend of mine in the Carolinas is absolutely stunned about Obama's revolution in NC -- unthinkable a few months ago even with his solid win in the primary there; and my friend thinks Virginia will go Obama's way too. Missouri, the bellwether state that Bush easily took last time, is a horserace right now.

So what's pulled things Obama's way? The economy, stupid. People vote with their pocketbooks; and in times of crisis they vote for the challenging party no matter who's at the top of ticket.

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Anonymous said...

nice try, that not what he said, he said right now, it just looks that way, but once the vote comes, it will be different, the polls are pro obama and one has to be very carefull

BlastFurnace said...

I did say that Karl Rove pointed out it could still go either way. But the fact he said for the first time that things are going in Obama's direction indicates he knows his revolution may be coming to an end.

Jacques Beau Vert said...

I dunno... I expect it's just a Rovian trick of some kind to lower or raise or mediate or burnish expectations. I'm not sure of his angle, but I'm pretty sure it's some kind of smoke, or a mirror, or some kind of combination.....