Thursday, October 9, 2008

And the listeria played on

Despite a "complete" decontamination of a Maple Leaf ™ plant in Toronto, federal food inspectors have confirmed that at least four products made there are still coming out with the listeria bacterium.

Fortunately, all items coming out of that plant are being held in quarantine and tested before being released into the marketplace -- and Michael McCain said last night that as an extra precaution all products including those that tested negative are also being held back until the company gets to the source of the problem and all tes

Being absolutely safe is the prudent thing, of course, and McCain deserves credit for that. However, it doesn't do much to restore confidence in our food supply; nor does a story this morning that deli foods served at long-term facilities are also laced with listeria -- ⅔ of meat samples, in the case of Toronto area nursing homes.

We need strict regulations for food, not self-regulation. It's that simple. One can blame the Liberals or the Conservatives for who started the ball rolling; but it doesn't change the fact both inspectors and food processors need marching orders and the rules made clear, and that if even one rule is broken the processed food will not make it to market -- period. Nor does it change the fact 20 people have died and the numbers will go up over the 90 day or so incubation period.

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