Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson: From bad to really, really bad

Things just get bad to worse for Mel Gibson. Now we learn from TMZ -- whoever they are -- that before last week's altercation with police, he got pulled over twice in the last two years for reckless driving and speeding on the Pacific Coast Highway. Both times he only got a warning. Why? Celebrity Justice, of course.

Meanwhile, via Kathy Shaidle, a right-wing film promoter says the blowup over Mel's bad behaviour could cast a pall on the release of Apocalypto if for no other reason than it was optioned by the Disney Company. The same Disney that also bought the rights to, then tried to bury, Michael Moore's F 9/11 -- and which was going to, then backed out on, a 60th anniversary release this fall of the artistically perfect but racially incendiary Song of the South.

There's no business like show business. Really. I'd love to see how Mel -- and Disney -- gets out of this pickle.

UPDATE (4:20 PM EDT, 2020 GMT: Fixed a bad link. Sorry folks.)

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julia said...

i never did like mel gibson, always baffled me what women saw in him lol