Tuesday, July 18, 2006

US Congressman confuses gay marriage with divorce

The US House of Representatives once again rejected a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. The vote this time was 236-176, fully 46 six votes short of the minimum 290 needed to even send it off to the states. (In any case, the measure was dead since the Senate rejected it last month, 49-48 -- 18 votes short.)

The utltimate moment of hilarity came when Lincoln Davis (D-TN) said divorcé(e)s and adulterers should be banned from running for office. 29 members of the House are currently divorced. No Senators are divorced and looking (although John Kerry may be the most famous formerly divorced person on the Hill). And of course, no one knows how many have committed adultery, although if Congress reflects the national average it's probably 80 percent of them.

Listen, Lincoln, while you're at it, visit the sins of the parents on the children so they can't run for office either. That would include me and about a billion other people on the planet.

It's people like Davis that are the reason so many ridicule evangelical Christians; even though most of them, as do most other people, accept divorce as a necessary evil.

UPDATE (Wednesday 06/07/19 12:33 AM, 0433 GMT): Wouldn't you know it -- the guy's actually a Democrat, not a Republican. Guess there are some assholes in the party of donkeys after all.

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