Friday, July 14, 2006

Toronto 18 mole comes foward

Last night's broadcast of an interview with Mubin Shaikh, the so-called "eighteenth man" and the mole who broke up the Toronto conspiracy, raises some very serious questions for me.
  • Shaikh says that he backs the jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq, but not attacks on civilians in Canada. Aren't humans the same no matter what country they live in?
  • He admits running the "training camp" in Washago, Ontario while acting as a mole for Canada's spy service as well as the Mounties. Isn't that a form of entrapment?
  • He supports sharia law, and it was his scuffle with a female protestor, in part, that led to Ontario banning all religions from running arbitration panels. Even though, as it turns out, most Muslims were against the panels. Was he just playing possum?
  • Finally, he was offered witness protection; but came forward after being "urged to do so" by his fellow Muslims who have known about his role for weeks. Doesn't that just blow the case right open? If someone tries to whack him, doesn't that put it down the drain?

It's good to see someone doing the right thing and helping to stop a truly dastardly plot. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't question the motives of the whistleblower, either. I'm not the only one who's thinking this: Kathy Shaidle quotes a Muslim leader asking if this is another case of the pot calling the kettle black ... and she asks the same question regarding Shaikh's stance on the sharia issue.

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