Friday, July 28, 2006

Wrong Psalm: It's 84, not 83

The recent discovery of an almost 1200 year old section of the Psalter in a bog in Ireland has had the doomsday crowd absolutely gleeful, as it is allegedly turned to Psalm 83 -- which, they claim, speaks of the world turning against Israel. Given current events in Lebanon, so sez the apocalyse now gang, this is proof the end is nigh.

Just two problems. First, something was definitely lost in translation -- the original text spoke of the vale of tears, not Israel. Second, the manuscript uses the ancient Hebrew numbering -- not the Greek which most of the Churches use, which would make it Psalm 84. And that particular Psalm is a song of praise and a prayer for godliness.

Let's see, all these events were supposed to signify the end of the world:
The creation of the state of Israel.
The taking of the Holy Sites of Jerusalem in 1967.
The Yom Kippur War.
The Camp David Accords.
The 1982 campaign against Lebanon.
The First Gulf War.
The Second Gulf War.

Sorry, bub, but I'll take my Bible as is, thank you very much. And I listen to the words of the Man from Galilee who said, "Such things must come to pass, but the end is not yet."

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