Monday, July 17, 2006

We deliver food, not dispense advice

I knew when I was recently promoted to the customer service department of the place where I work, I'd be gettng all sorts of calls. I wasn't expecting what I got very early this morning.

Our stores, or most of them, close at 2 or 3 am in the morning most days -- although some more out of the way locations shut down at midnight. We stay open for another half hour or so for customer service concerns and to help stores do end of the day bookkeeping (such as adding tips to credit cards and cancelling orders that were never picked up or delivered).

We also have to tell latecomers that the stores are closed and they're not making any more pies for the day. Some accept this, but others go nuts and demand we order the stores to turn the ovens back on. Not going to happen: The stores employ us, not the other way around. So it went with this one guy who wanted a party pizza. I said, sorry, we're closed. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then he threw a curveball. He said he caught his wife in bed with another man and wanted to know if he should take her back. I said I was in no position to say -- and besides, we were not a counselling service. This went on for another couple of minutes. He then changed the subject and asked me for help on a math problem .... at which point I hung up.

Folks, if you need personal help, don't call a restaurant chain There are many distress lines listed in the White Pages. You're just making people who really do need our help wait, and more frustrated.

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