Monday, July 31, 2006

Would you believe: National Post joins tree huggers

Who'd have thunk it? The National Post actually comes out on the side of the environment on at least one issue: The Alberta Oil Sands.

An excerpt:

Oilsands companies currently use 20 billion litres of groundwater a year to get the bitumen out of the ground and process it. They are licensed to use 75 billion litres a year, and as more projects come onstream, groundwater use will escalate.

Yet the Alberta government doesn't have a good inventory of the province's groundwater. Surely it's reckless to proceed with commitments to oilsands companies without having a clear understanding of the precious water resource we're giving to them.

When one of the most right-wing publications on the planet comes to the defence of nature, you know something's rotten at the Alberta Legislature. Not to mention it's big trouble for Stephen Harper, who's dedicated to destroying the Kyoto Accord and for whom the NP is his official organ in everything but name.

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