Friday, February 15, 2008

Barrie cop circulates "LA Math Test"

Looks like the infamous Los Angeles Math Proficiency Test has come around again -- and in a truly ugly way. This time, a Barrie police officer is on indefinite leave after circulating the "test" (a commentary on gang culture, but which has been given as a real test in some schools in the US and Canada), this after the TO School Board decided to create a school with an "Afro-centric" syllabus.

The test is in and of itself funny. (The tip-off is right at the top, when the student is asked to give his or her name, and his or her gang affiliation.) The context under which this was circulated -- in my opinion, blatant racism -- is anything but. I wrote a few weeks back why I don't agree with the idea of a magnet school of this type. This event further underscores the argument why we need to have a system that reflects all cultures and not just the Two Solitudes; and not a fragmented system.

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