Friday, February 1, 2008

New low for Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden is a truly, truly wicked man. Not just for the fact that he hates women; or for all the terrorist attacks he has masterminded over the last ten years. But not even I could have imagined the depths to which his posse sunk today. He actually used two women who were mentally ill or had Down's Syndrome to blow up two marketplaces in Baghdad. At least 70 killed, 200 or so injured. It's the worst attack since the so-called "surge" began last year.

There can be no doubts the real enemy is not Iraq or Afghanistan, it's that maniac. He must be stopped by any means necessary. For all we know, he might be living in Colombia or Central Park West. Maybe even shaved off his beard and discarded his turban. The problem is we are just not looking for him, period -- not that we're looking for him hard enough.

Eternal justice is the Lord's, however, and I trust that sooner or later the Big Guy upstairs will get some common sense and have OBL die from natural causes. It would not be as cathartic as a commando killing him, but at least he'd get what he deserves.

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ottlib said...

The War on Terror morphed into the war between civilizations years ago so destroying Osama bin Laden would be counter-productive.

bin Laden has become terrorism personified. If he dies alot of the reason to carry on the War on Terror will die with him.

Then how will the neo-cons in Washington justify their continued war on Islam?

Incidently, bin Laden is alive and well and living in Hollywood. He shaved his beard and bought an Armani suit. Him and his chief lieutenants now use a Hollywood sound stage to record their messages.

If Hollywood professionals can convince me that people are having conversations on board intergalactic spaceships they can certainly put together a set to convince me that someone is recording a message from a cave in Tora Bora.

Anonymous said...

How do you go from Bin Laden to Iraq?
Someone needs to morph out of populist causes and how to influence the gullible...

BlastFurnace said...

If you've even read my blog, Jason, you'd know I've been opposed to the second Iraq War from the beginning. The fact remains, Al Qaeda wasn't as powerful as it was in Iraq until the invasion began. And the biggest terrorist strikes we've seen from and since 9/11 have been under the personal orders of OBL. The Toronto operation which was thwarted by the Mounties, in my opinion, was also ordered by OBL. A roadside bomb, which we see on an almost daily basis in Iraq and Afghanistan, is too belittling for him. Something this cowardly had to come from him.

Blazingcatfur said...

The use of the mentally challenged as human bombs is not a new tactic for Al Queda. They are desparate and will resort to the most vile techniques, a special place in Hell is no doubt reserved for them and one hopes for their apologists.

As for cherniak wtf and ottlib well, what can you say about people who express no outrage at the crime and no sympathy for the victims which includes the human bombs themselves?