Monday, February 18, 2008

Give it up, Fayed

Am I the only person on the planet outside of the employment of any government agency who has had it up to here with the fabrications and conspiracy theories of Mohammed al-Fayed? Today's testimony at the inquest really reached a new low even for him.

He claims Diana told him she was pregnant at the time. Impossible: She had her period ten days before. Multiple medical reports attest to this. (Besides, even if she was, who would she tell the news to first; her sons or Mr. Fayed? Exactly.)

He claims the then PM wanted her dead. On the contrary, Tony Blair was about to appoint her as an Ambassador at Large -- maybe even Ambassador to Washington. Why would he blow away his secret weapon just months after becoming PM?

He claims MI5, MI6 and the CIA also wanted her dead. Ridiculous, although all three spy agencies did have files on her.

It's true there was no love lost between Prince Phillip and Diana, during her marriage to Chuck. But they actually got along very well after the divorce.

He is right about what he called Camilla. But you just don't say that in polite conversation and certainly not in a court of law.

As for the accident itself: Serious and credible allegations have been made that Dodi Fayed switched businesses from motion picture producing to arms dealing. If this is indeed the case, wouldn't the elder Fayed have had a duty to warn Diana to keep a safe distance from his son? If there was a murder, wouldn't it be more appropriate to blame it on Al Qaeda or other extremist groups? Or the Mafia?

Fayed is an embarrassment to himself, what's left of his family and the UK. The government should go into Harrod's, melt down the solid gold memorial and drive down the price of the precious metal a hundred bucks an ounce or so.

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The Mound of Sound said...

I don't know anybody who hasn't had their fill of Fayed. He and his at times dodgy son brought this on themselves and Fayed won't accept that.