Monday, February 25, 2008

Rove Dirty Trick # 1289

When a TV station in Alabama goes black during the very time when the CBS network is running a story about the former Democratic Governor of the state, Don Siegelman, and the fact he may have been Shanghai-ed by Karl Rove over trumped up charges of bribery, one has to wonder what passes for the new normal. Key among the claims are some prosecution notes from a witness who kept coming up with conflicting testimony was not turned over to the defense. Even Republican state Attorneys-General outside Alabama are now raising a stink over this.

The claim was made at first it was a technical issue out of New York. Impossible, since there is but one wild feed for the Eastern and Central time zones. Later, it was claimed a backup generator just "happened" to conk out at that moment.

Oh really?

If the "permanent Republic majority" that Rove dreams of includes chicanery like this, tactics he learned from Lee Atwater and Donald Segretti before him, one must truly fear what Rove has taught his protégé(e) what to do if Obama or Clinton wins it all this fall. Provided of course, either manages to survive the swift-boating that is sure to come as soon as a nominee is secured. (During Nixon's 1972 re-election, Rove depicted George McGovern as a "left-wing peacenik" notwithstanding McGovern's service during WWII piloting a B-24.)

I don't buy for a single minute that the station in Huntsville had "technical difficulty." This was censorship by the station management, plain and simple, who don't want their "innocent" viewers to be hearing the truth. Several bloggers more polished than I feel the same way. Interesting the station later chose to air the segment at 10 pm -- during the Oscars.

Oh, not that it's worth much, but Rove claims to be a Christian.

Judge for yourself if he's going to operate the McCain campaign this way behind the scenes. Enough of the puppet-masters, and dirty tricks like the one in Huntsville last night.

Note to my right-wing readers: Would I be raising a stink like this if the roles were reversed and it was a GOP who was wrongly jailed? Of course -- I believe in due process and justice for all, not just those I agree with.

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