Monday, February 11, 2008

Huckabee has some 'splainin' to do

Recently, a rather disturbing videotape was leaked showing televangelist Kenneth Copeland during a supposedly "closed door" session with other ministers; endorsing Mike Huckabee after Copeland got the impression that if Huckabee was elected President he'd make sure the IRS didn't interfere with TV ministries.

Copeland also basically told Sen. Chuck Grassley, a fellow Republican leading the investigation of his and five other ministries, NFW. Yesterday on Meet the Press, Gov. Huckabee gave a rather half-baked explanation -- saying Copeland was a "Friend" but that he'd never interfere with a Congressional investigation.

Uh, yeah.

Well, Grassley isn't giving up. He's threatening to sub poena documents from the five of these so-called "churches" that haven't yet complied with his request. (The only one who has so far is Joyce Meyers.)

Look, I'm all for freedom of religion. And while I have repeatedly criticized the "Word of Faith" for its teachings which contradict sound Biblical principles, I won't oppose their right to preach so long as they comply with the law; and walk their talk. Copeland's using his private jet to go on ski trips despite his very specific public vow never to do so is just one example.

Does Huckabee support this kind of hypocrisy? He sure seemed to imply that yesterday on MTP -- and I suppose those who vote for him do also. We have much to fear if McCain picks him as his running mate. (McCain would be wise not to -- Gerald Ford regretted dumping Rockefeller for Bob Dole, saying caving in to the evangelicals was one of the biggest mistakes of his life.) Granted, Huckabee does have a point about investigating all 527 (c) groups as well, but this kind of friendship is too close for comfort.

After all, you didn't see JFK having a lovefest with Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Not that Sheen would have wanted the company -- he was too busy being chummy with Robert Schuller and Billy Graham.

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