Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An unusual thanks

I want to openly thank Fern Hill at Birth Pangs for her kind words at her blog today.

I don't usually find myself in the same company as the pro-choice crowd, but when one smells a rat one has to speak out about it, which is why I joined yesterday's blogburst. Progressives support a honest debate, regardless of the issue, based on honest facts; and Bill C-484 is simply not an honest way to engage the debate on how to protect women and their children before, during and after pregnancy.

Yes, I am pro-life, but I continue to refuse to join self-described pro-life lobby groups for this simple reason: They generally have nothing to offer women besides taking away their options. The same groups which oppose abortion also oppose contraception, accessible day care, income supports, and nutrition programs for nursing women and their infants. Not to mention their also fighting against "Safe Haven" laws, as well as opposing funding for women's shelters and other domestic violence prevention programs.

That's not being pro-life. That's pro women's enslavement. This I oppose vigorously. Further, as I wrote before, there are ways to sanction those who induce a miscarriage or harm a fetus, by physically attacking a woman with the intent of raping or otherwise violating her. C-484 is the wrong way.

Some pro-life groups in the States, such as Democrats for Life, get it and have crafted policies to address these very issues. It's not perfect, but it's a start. They continue to get ignored by the media who see the issue as black or white. It's not.

I hope Parliament here gets the message and votes against C-484 on second reading. Then we need to get to the job of addressing what I think is the real issue -- ensuring both mothers and their children have healthy and safe starts during pregnancy and the first five years post-partum.

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Beijing York said...

I am pro-choice and I think this was an excellent post. Mr. Epp and his supporters are being disingenuous and are exploiting the families of victims of violent crimes. If they truly cared about women and children, they would be battling for better conditions as you have eloquently outlined. Thank you.