Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cons can Sparrow

Anyone remember the 2004 Canadian election? The Conservatives which were on the verge of actually winning a minority government that year had the wheels fall off when one of its members suggested that the then Liberal leader, Paul Martin Jr., supported child pornography. Of course, no one in their right minds -- except a pedophile -- would ever support such repulsive materials.

Now, another Conservative has made an off-the-cuff remark, well actually an e-mail. Not just attacking anyone's patriotism (which is to be expected anyway), or his or her political affiliation, but the father of a soldier KIA in Afghanistan.

In 2006, Cpl. Paul Davis was killed in a rollover near Kandahar City. In response to "Steve" Harper's announcement that 2011 is now a date certain and Canada will definitely end its mission in Afghanistan, Davis' father Jim called the decision irresponsible and asked what his son had been fighting for.

That's a fair reaction. This war hasn't been easy on Canadians, particularly those whose families have sent their own to the front lines. Reactions among those WIA or KIA are bound to vary too, which is also perfectly acceptable in a democracy. But incredibly, what happened next was that the Cons' communications director, Ryan Sparrow, sent out an e-mail suggesting that the elder Davis was a supporter of the Liberals' deputy leader, Michael Ignatieff, well known as one of the "hawks" among the Grits. In other words, the criticism of Harper's announcement was politically motivated.

Sparrow's remarks were completely inappropriate. Not surprisingly (or may it was a surprise), he has been suspended for the rest of the campaign and ordered to apologize to Mr. Davis.

First puffin poop and now this. Keep it coming, guys.

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