Saturday, September 20, 2008

Deal or no deal?

With apologies to fellow Canadian Howie Mandel -- but this is serious. If the accord between the Liberal and Green Parties is fair game, then Canadians also have the right to know if the NDP had a deal with the Marijuana Party, now or in the past. With not one but two NDP candidates having to withdraw from the election, Jack Layton needs to clear the air on this and fast -- especially with the deadline to register candidates coming up this Monday.

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Anonymous said...

The Canadian public have the right to now if the Liberals had a deal with the Marijuana Party particularly given that their former president and candidate left the Marijuana Party to join the Liberals:

Then of course there was this:

Do the libs really want to be the ones known for turning this into the equivalent of the "flag pin" election. I know that Kinsella and team were very successful at pushing every other issue other than religious schools of the page during the election but doesn't that do more to hurt Canadians more than help?

Maybe the Liberals should do what Jack is doing, focus on the conservatives.

Greg said...

Jack Layton needs to clear the air on this and fast


BlastFurnace said...

Anonymous: Let's put all the cards on the table.

Greg: The pun was unintentional, but if you got a laugh out of it, that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Jack did answer and there was no deal. The policy of decriminalization was well known in 2004. Jack was asked about this in 2006.

This is ridiculous and in the end won't change the channel on the fact that the Liberal's have a weak leader and a party that is willing to backpedal or not or maybe on a major plank of their campaign.

So once again the Liberals will allow the Conservatives to get away with pushing their agenda (just like they did in the House of Commons over 40 times) because they rather peddle faux-scandal instead of focusing on the real threat which is Harper.

Mark Emery has no credibility with the majority of Canadians. There are good people in the decriminalization movement and it is unfortunate that this blow hard Ayn Rand Libertarian has turned the movement into a vehicle for his own self-agrandisement (sp?).

If you don't believe me when I say that he is quite certifiable when discussing his own importance you should see the in depth interview he gave to the CBC (fifth estate I think). His delusions of grandeur were truly shocking.

Anonymous said...

Emery in his own words:

Emery: I made him an offer which we shook on. I will bring you thousands of new members for the NDP. We'll make you more popular, and for the last five years, Jack Layton has gotten more popular….

Scott Laurie: Was this a gentleman's agreement based on a handshake? Was there something written at all?

Emery: Jack Layton shook my hand. You can listen to that video. He says “I invite you in the audience who are members of potTV to join the party and get involved.” So he’s making a clear invitation.

So the 'deal' was that Jack asked people who support decriminalization to support the party that has a policy on decriminalization.

Some deal. Now let's get back to the real debate.