Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain: Cure for insomnia?

Compared to Barack Obama's rallying clarion last week in Denver, John McCain's acceptance speech last night in Denver could have been a substitute for a sleeping pill. In terms of saying what he had to say, it was acceptable and I give it a "C." In terms of rallying the base -- one now wonders if it's possible or if Sarah Palin was selected to do precisely that. If that's the case, then the choice of a woman may wind up being one of the most patronizing things he has ever done.

The fact though is that he can pretend to be a change candidate all he wants; as the top of the ticket nominee for the executive's incumbent party, he will have to defend the W record which is one of the worst ever in terms of both domestic and foreign policy. Not one significant net success in either department. That gives a huge advantage to Barack Obama.

What may stand out, though, is the moment when anti-war protestors who managed to get in were able to get TV time. McCain wasn't cut off his stride, which is a credit to him, but the breach of security says a lot about a party who during its time has done little to ensure security in the homeland, let alone overseas.

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