Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rae: Harper plagarized Howard's Iraq speech

Woot! Huge HT to Jason Cherniak (BTW, Jason, Shana Tov!).

I always thought Steve Harper's speech in favour of the Iraq war on March 20, 2003, sounded convoluted and full of stuff that he couldn't possibly come up on his own. In this day and age, all politicians need speechwriters; but I thought Canadians should use Canadian speechwriters -- not writers from other countries.

This morning, Bob Rae revealed a potentially embarrassing fact: That Harper's address was almost identical to the one given just two days earlier by then Australian PM John Howard in the Aussie House of Representatives.

Watch and judge for yourself if Harper plagarized Howard or if it was just a huge coincidence:

Not surprisingly, a Con spokesperson calls the issue irrelevant. No, it's not.

If Steve can't come up with an original thought on his own, can't come up with something on his own on a crucial matter of foreign policy, especially on something as crucial as the Second Gulf War, then Steve has proven that he is not a leader. This should be on the next free time availability that the Liberals have ... and it needs to be repeated.

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