Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If Ratzinger can go green, why can't Harper?

As Steve Harper continues to refuse to do anything to even support green industries, one country is taking the pollution problem into its own hands -- Vatican City.

Some time ago, it became the first carbon neutral country, when it added trees to a tract of forest in Hungary to offset its greenhouse gases. Now, it's going one step further by installing 2700 solar panels on top of the papal audience hall. When completed, it will generate 300 kW of energy, enough to power the hall as well as other parts of the compound and reduce the Holy See's footprint by about another 200 tonnes per year.

Say what you will about Benedict XVI (Joe Ratzinger), that's leadership. Steve Harper is not a leader. For the record, Harper's religion has nothing to do with it; many evangelicals fully understand just how serious global warming is and the actions required. I'd be criticizing Harper no matter what faith he professed.

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