Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Poll numbers (Sept 23)

Today's numbers from Nanos (and change from yesterday)

Conservatives 38 (+3)
Liberals 27 (-3)
NDP 21 (-1)
Bloc 8 (+1)
Green 6 (0)

Margin of error ±3.1% nationally.

A bit surprising is the almost complete switch in support from Liberal to Conservative in Atlantic Canada (+9 Conservative, -8 Liberals), as well as the two parties now being tied in Ontario at 36 each. Mind you, today's news about a Conservative candidate having been cited three times by the real estate authorities in B.C. isn't going to help Harper much either ... and it's too late to drop and add now.

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Yappa said...

I wonder if Nanos made a mistake before. They were out of whack with the rest of the national polls - the only one showing a narrow lead by the conservatives. All of a sudden the conservative lead is as large as everyone else's. And don't forget they're doing rolling polls.


Dante said...

I'm not a Liberal supporter but I do see a need to have a thriving opposition. The NDP is not it. I think that the chances of a Liberal win at this time is remote. I sincerly hope that the Liberals can pull together following a defeat and spend the time to rebuild the party the right way before it expects to take the reigns again. This means getting a leader that can draw enough money into the party to host a policy convention and pull the party out of it's fiscal hole. New ideas need to percolate up and smart pragmatists like M. Bevilaqua need to be given more responsibilities. If the Conservatives are left to rule unchallenged for a decade like the Liberals were, I suspect we will be re-living another sponsorship nightmare. Watch your back with David Orchard and don't elect someone as unpragmatic as Joe Clark. Good luck.