Sunday, September 28, 2008

Steve Harper says (#795)

On Global National tonight, Steve Harper was quoted as saying he doesn't watch Canadian news and doesn't read Canadian newspapers; but that he does watch the US newscasts and reads American papers to see how the US Presidential race is going -- and that, by the way, he thinks it's Obama's race to lose.

Very nice of Steve to inform us about that. But don't we remember that a certain US president didn't watch the news at all, didn't care about anyone's opinions other than a very close group of advisors, and the choices he made sent America and the world into a tailspin?

Do we really want an ignorant man to continue to be our Prime Minister? Especially one who won't support our media -- even the media outlets who blatantly support him?

One other thing: He turned his high school reunion into a political rally. A reunion is one of the places I would want to talk about anything but politics, even if one of the regathered class was head of government.

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Dante said...

Let me are a Toronto Star reader. Everyone knows that you will learn about all kinds of things there. Harper has a lot of things he could learn from Travers. The Toronto Star has a much more intelligence gathering apparatus than the Government of Canada. I am quite certain that CSIS draws all their information from the front pages of the Star.
Lets see how this ignorant man does against your genius leader.

FredM said...

"Do we really want an ignorant man to continue to be our Prime Minister?"

To answer your question.

AngusReid: Con 40% Lib 21%, Ndp 21%, Bloc 10% Grn 7%

Yeah i guess we do. The polls are in all of the Canadian media, maybe you should read more of it yourself :)

BlastFurnace said...

Dante: I haven't linked to too many Star stories lately. Most media on both the left and the right are so content-void that most stories aren't worth linking to. But this one caught my attention because it raises suspicions about Harper wanting to turn the Conservatives into a branch of the Republican Party.

FredM: Read above. And as for AngusReid, their methodology is really suspect. As troubling as the numbers from Nanos are, that's the poll that most of us progressive bloggers are following.