Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finally, some straight talk from CNN

HTs to Jeff, Cameron and Galloping Beaver:

The AP wire has picked up the story about the coming Canadian election. The story below the headline is basically the same across the board. But note that the NYT chose the headline "Early Election is Called in Canada" while CNN chose the much more appropriate "Canadian PM employs loophole in potential power grab" -- perhaps an indication of the latter's style book but nevertheless a very appropriate analysis of what we're facing up here. For the no-longer "World's Leader in News and Information ™," this kind of frankness is refreshing.

Harper must be hoping, hoping beyond belief, that the situation in the US picks up and that he rides the coattails of that. But with the feds down there effectively seizing Fannie and Freddie today, potentially putting Americans on the hook for up to five trillion dollars, over and above the more than nine billion they already owe foreign creditors -- not to mention an eleventh bank also being seized over the weekend -- things are going from bad to worse.

That can only favour the opposition. But five weeks is an eternity in politics. Let's see.

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